About SoundFi

Now You’re Listening!
An immersive binaural audio experience delivered to users’ smartphones and enjoyed using any pair of headphones.

With SoundFi’s unique spatial audio mix optimized for headphones, SoundFi brings moviegoers and fans closer to the movies they lovethe fantastical, sensory world of Wonder Park is made even more magical, and the scares and terrifying discoveries of the Creeds in Pet Sematary are intensified.

We are so excited to be bringing moviegoers the choice to personalize their experience and by doing so, attracting a broader and more diverse audience, said Chris Anastas, Founder, and CEO at SoundFi. It is a real privilege to be working with our friends at the studios, and with the support of our theater partners, to not only bring to life the filmmaker vision but elevating the way in which movies are experienced for everyone to enjoy.

Antoine Fuqua & SoundFi

My goal as a filmmaker is always to give the audience the best experience I can. What we want is for them to enjoy all the hard work that goes into a movie that they don’t see. We put a lot of time and effort into our visuals, new technology with cameras and 3D glasses and immersive glasses and all sorts of things. I found that we weren’t putting as much attention into the sound. I found there were times small details that I would create in a movie could be missed because the sound could be coming through another theater or people could be talking and eating their popcorn. I’ve always thought it’d be great to have a choice to put headphones on to really immerse [viewers] into the film and let them disappear completely — just the film — visual and audio as one.