Get ready to experience SoundFi Immersive Audio with 3 quick steps:

Download the SOUNDFi: At the Movies App

Download on Apple Store or Google Play and Sign Up for a Free Account.

Select Your Movie

Select your Movie, Location, Time, Language of choice, and Download the SoundFi soundtrack of the film.

Grab Your Headphones!

Grab your favorite pair of wired headphones and head to the cinema. Press Start Listening once you are seated in the cinema.
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The SoundFi App

An experiential app-based 3D sound format
that enables a personalized & inclusive
moviegoing experience!

Languages, Volume, Locations

Listen in your native language, control your volume, and select your theater

Personalized Control

You control every aspect of your experience. So easy to use and such a difference

``I really liked how I could control the volume. It just makes it so much more personalized!``

Connect your headphones and listen to the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer in SoundFi!

``The most amazing movie experience! Tell your friends, this is going to change the way we enjoy movies!``

Connect your headphones and listen to the Pet Sematary trailer in SoundFi!

``I kind of stopped going to the movies and just watch at home. Now I want to go again, in SoundFi!``

Unique Features

  • Personalization Options

    Incredibly versatile personalization options so you can hear the movie the way YOU want!

  • Multi-Language

    Now you can listen to the movie in your native language.

  • You're Connected

    Your phone actually syncs with the movie you are viewing for zero lag and perfect sound!

  • You're In Control

    Control all aspects of your movies sound right from your phone.

  • Never Worry About Space

    Don’t worry about space! The sound file will auto delete after the movie ends.

  • User Perks

    Once you sign up, we will send you cool member perks and notifications about upcoming movies.

``You would swear you were in the movie! INCREDIBLE!``


It’s time to experience the ultimate in-cinema sound!
SOUNDFi will revolutionize the way you listen to movies!

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